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Guest Lectures


1.“Pathophysiology of migraine” presented in symposium on Headache at 8th
Annual  Conference on Pain held at Bangalore, January 1992.

2.“Diabetes mellitus & Neurological complications” in CME on Diabetes & Complications held on February 1994 at SVIMS Tirupathi  

3.“Anatomy of Cerebral Vasculature Pathophysiology of Stroke” in CME on Stroke held on 14th August 1994 at SVIMS Tirupathi 

4.“Stroke in Young” in CME on Stroke held on 14th August 1994 at SVIMS Tirupathi 

5.“Neurocutaneous Syndromes – Genetic Aspects” on the occasion of Inauguration of Neuro Sciences Club at SVIMS Tirupathi   on August 28, 1995.

6.“Diseases of the Central Nervous System” for basic Neuro Scientist in Academic Staff Council, S.V.University, Tirupathi   on 26th September 1995

7.“Clinical approach to Headache & Management of Migraine” in IMA Tirupathi Branch .August 1994

8.“Cerebral Malaria” in IMA meeting on March 1995 held at Nellore Branch.

9.“Diagnostic Workup of Epilepsy” in CME on Epilepsy held on 31st August 1998 at SVIMS Tirupathi   .

10.  “Epilepsy & Pregnancy” in IMA Meeting, Madanapalle Branch, April 1998

11.  “Diseases of Nervous System with special emphasis on Epilepsy, Stroke and Neuroinfections” at Academic Staff College, S.V.University, Tirupathi   in October 1998.

12.  “Epilepsy – Basic Neuro Science Aspects” in Department of Zoology, S.V.University , Tirupathi   ,  in December 1998.

13.  “Management of Epilepsy – Neuro Psychiatric aspects” IMA, Nellore Branch in December 1998.

14.  “Epilepsy general practitioner perspective” at IMA, Madanapalle Branch, October 1998.

15.  “Epilepsy – Reproduction” at 2nd National NIMHANS Alumni Association held at NIMHANS, Bangalore, October 1998.

16.  “Newer antiepileptic drugs” at Psychiatry Department, SVRR Hospital, , Tirupathi  April 1999

17.  “Epilepsy – Women” at IMA Amalapuram Branch, Amalapuram, July 1999.

18.  Participated in the UGC_DRC workshop on perspectives in Applied Zoology for the new Millennium conducted at S.V.University, , Tirupathi   Dept.of Zoology,  held on 7th April 2000 and delivered a key note address on “Neuro Genetics”

19.  “Chronic Meningitis – Clinical Approach” at CME on Neuro Infections on April 9th 2000 at SVIM , Tirupathi  
20.  .
21.  “Diabetic neuropathy” in CME on Diabetes Mellitus and Complications, organised by the Dept.of Endocrinology in September 2000.

22.  “Epilepsy Recent Advances” at State Conference of IMA at Nellore on 2nd December 2000.

23.  “Management of Status Epilepticus” at S.V.Medical College Tirupati  in May 2001.

24.  “Epilepsy – Women” at CME organised by Neurology and Neurosurgery SVIMS Tirupathi   in July 2001.

25.  “Management of Movement Disorders” at CME on Movement Disorders organised by Dept.of Neurology, SVIMS,  Tirupathi  in August 2001.

26.  “Alzheimer’s Disease – An overview” on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day on 21st September 2001 organised by IMA  Branch, Tirupati.

27.  “Neurological Emergencies – Status Epilepticus” in the CME On Acute Medical Emergencies held at SVIMS Tirupati on 27th November 2001.

28.  “Migraine – Management for Opthalmologist” in February 2002 at Tirupati.

29.  “Approach to Non-compressive Myelopathies” at CME organised by Bollineni Hospitals, Nellore in December 2002.

30.  “Approach to Epilepsy” at IMA meeting in Nellore May 2002.

31.  “Acute Flaccid Paralysis” at CME, SVIMS, Tirupathi   in May 2002

32.  “Neurological complications in pregnancy” in June 2002 at FOGS,  meeting in Government Maternity Hospital by Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

33.  “Approach to peripheral neuropathy on Medicine Update” organised by the Department of Medicine, SVIMS, Tirupathi   in April 2002.

34.  “Approach to Status Epilepticus” in CME on Epilepsy in March 2003 in SVIMS, Tirupathi.

35.  “Epilepsy & Genetics” in CME on Epilepsy in SVIMS, Tirupathi   in March 2003.

36.  “Anti Epileptic drugs and weight gain” in CME on Epilepsy held at Khatmandu, Nepal in November 2003.

37.  “Parkinsonism” in IMA meeting held in December 2003 at Tirupati.

38.  “Inherited metabolic disease of CNS” in S.V.University Tirupati in November 2004

39.  “Organisation of Epilepsy Care Services in Tertiary Referral Center” at Annual conference of IEA & Epilepsy conference at Nagpur in October 2004 for H.C.Bajoria Award.

40.  “Parkinsonism – Recent Advances” in IMA Tirupati  Branch, in July 2004.

41.  “ Epilepsy Services” at SVIMS, IMA Branch in January 2005.

42.  “Inherited Metabolic Diseases of CNS”at Academic Staff College of S.V.University Tirupati on  in January 2005.

43.  “Clinical approach to Vascular syndrome” CME on Stroke SVIMS Tirupathi   in May 2005.

44.  “Clinical approach to epilepsy in the New Millennium” delivered at Indian Epilepsy Association, Kakinada Branch meeting on 14th August 2005.

45.  “Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy” in CME on Diabetes Mellitus organized at Shar Centre, Sriharikota on 22nd August 2005.

46.  “Neurological diseases in Elderly” at Medical Education Series meeting of Madabhushi Ananthasayanam Institute of Public Affairs at on 30th April 2006.

47.  “Medical Management of the subarachnoid hemorrhage” in the SBP symposium on Sub arachnoid Hemorrhage in 13th Annual APNSA meeting on 10th July 2006 at Nellore.

48.  “Medical Management of Neuropathic Pain” at CME on `Pain’ SVIMS Tirupathi   in November 2006.

49.  “Empowerment of Women – Indian Scenario” on March 8th 2007 at Sri Padmavathi Degree College.

50.  “Approach to Dementia” in 5th National Conference of Indian Academy of Psychologists Meeting at Tirupati  in April 2007.

51.  “Women & Epilepsy” in Dr.K.S.Mani Memorial Colloquium on Epilepsy at SVIMS Tirupathi   on 19th May 2007.

52.  “Insomnia” at NeuroPsychiatric meeting of Tirupathi in May 2007

53.  “ An Overview of Sleep disorders” at CME on World Sleep Day “ in March 13th 2008 at SVIMS Tirupathi

54.  “Neurological Tuberculosis –Current trends” at 15th Annual Conference of A.P.Neuro Scientists Association APNSA 2008 held at Hyderabad 12-13 July 2008

55.  Women and Epilepsy in the Regional seminar  on epilepsy organized by the Department of Neurology , Madras Medical College, Chennai on 13th September 2008

56.  Normal EEG in Adults and Elderly  in the EEG Workshop held  on November 1st  - 2nd 2008 at SVIMS  Tirupathi   ,

57.  EEG – Activation Procedures in the EEG Workshop held on November 1st – 2nd 2008 at SVIMS,  Tirupathi  

58.  Newer Advances in EEG, Source  EEG, Superimposition of EEG” in the EEG Workshop held on November 1st– 2nd  2008 at SVIMS  Tirupathi  

59.  Cognitive and other Neurological disorders in Elderly” at ISCGG – 2008 on 16th – 18th December 2008 held a S.V.University, Tirupati 

60.  Approach to Patient with Dementia on 25th January 2009 at monthly meeting of API,  Tirupathi chapter

61.  Acute headache – Who needs investigations, which ones, when” at APICON-2009 ,January 29th-1st February 2009 held at Greater Noida

62.  “Overview of sleep disorders” on 30th June 2009 at monthly meeting of API,  Tirupathi chapter

63.  'Neurological TB in Children’ in the CME on Paediatric Tuberculosis organized by Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) on 27th March’2010 at SVIMS, Tirupati

64.  Debate on “Older vs. newer anti-epilepsy drugs in the treatment of complex partial seizures” on 3rd and 4th April 2010 at NEUROCON, Chennai organized by Imedia.

65.  “Management of Neuroemergencies: Epilepsy” in the CME organized by GVK EMRI in association with SVIMS, Tirupati on 12th June 2010 at SVIMS, Tirupati.

66.  “Guillian –Barre Syndrome : An Overview”  for “7th CME on Recent Advances” organized by the Association of Physicians of India, Mumbai Branch  at INHS Hospital, Mumbai on 22nd January 2011

67.  “Functional imaging of the Brain” at the National Workshop on “Brain Behaviour” organized by Department of Zoology,  S.V. University, Tirupati on 15th of February 2011

68.  “Scalp EEG and its pitfalls in the pre-surgical evaluation of TLE” in “EPICON-2011” Conference on Temporal Lobe Epilepsy – Current Consensus organized by the Department of Neurosciences, M.S.Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore on 11th-12th November, 2011.

69.  “Clinical Electrodiagnostic approach –evaluation of neurological disorders” at Orthopedics CME organized by NTR University of health sciences at S.V.Medical collage tirupathi on 18th December  2011

70.  Epilepsy and Women and Management of Epilepsy in “Indian Epilepsy   Society (IES)-Abbott Accreditation Programme on Epilepsy”, Epilepsy Teaching Programme for Primary Health Centre Doctors   on 10.12.2011 at SVIMS, Tirupati that was attended by 400 delegates.

71.  “Handling the havocs of Diabetes” - Panel discussion on Diabetic target organ involvement in KID Update-2012 organized by Karnataka Institute of Diabetology, Bangalore at Sri Sathya sai Samskrutha  Sadanam, Bangalore on 3rd March – 2012

72.  “Approach to Dementiain the National Seminar on Mental Health and Well being Across the Life span organized by the Department of Psychology, S v University , Tirupati on 17-18th  March  2012

73.  “Challenges in the medical management of Drug resistant seizures:Balancing the efficacy and risk” at Preconference workshop –APNEUROCON 2012 organised by Indus Hospitals Vizag on the occasion of 19th Annual conference of Andhra Pradesh Neuroscientist’s  Association  on 13th July 2012  

74.  “Problem Starts When Seizure Stops” CME on DEMENTIA and EPILEPSY jointly organized by Institute of Neurology Madras Medical College and Dementia Society of India  Chennai on 27th  July 2012

75.  Controversies in Neurology – Use of steroid in Muscular dystrophy” at NEUCON 2012 Conference at Bangalore from 16.09.12 to 17.09.2012

76.  “Acute inflammatory Demyelinating neuropathy (AIDP) : recent advances in diagnosis and management : an overview” at monthly academic meeting of IMA Tirupathi on 16th December 2012

77.  “Managing critically ill patients with AIDP : Relevance of international guidelines to Indian Scenario“ at the APICON 2013 Conference held at Coimbatore  between 31st Jan  – 3rd Feb 2013

78.  “Approach to inborn errors of metabolism: Neurologist prospective” at the SNCI-2013 conference held at   New Delhi  from 20.02.2013 to 22.02.2013

79.  “Management of CNS Infections in ICU”  in the preconference CME on Neuro Critical Care at 20th Annual Conference of AP. Neuro Scientists’ Association AP NEUROCON – 2013 held at HAAILAND, Chinakakani, Guntur between 12th  July 2013

80.  Neurophysiology testing :principles and clinical applications” at  5thCongress of Federation of Indian Physiological Societies (FIPS) on “Physiology, Ethnopharmacology, Biotechnology and Health Therapeutics (PEBHT-2013)” & 27th Annual Meeting of ISCAP organized by department of zoology S.V.University Tirupati from  17th to 19th December, 2013.

81.  “Epilepsy and Women” at  “International Congress on Women’s Health” organized by Sri Venkateswara Medical Collage Tirupathi on 11th -13th July 2014

82.  Controversies to consensus in Neurology – debate (Against)  Ketamine in Convulsive Status Epilepticus. Should it be a drug?”  at NEUCON 2014 Conference at Hyderabad from 16.08.14 to 17.08.2014

83.  “Management of Epilepsy and Pediatric epilepsies” at monthly academic meeting of IMA Tirupathi on 21st September 2014

84.  Incidence of Hepatitis and Resistance to ATT in TBM: How to manage?” with  Theme:  Infection & Immunity: A Tropical Tempest of Challenges at Annual Meeting of Tropical Neurology Subsection of Indian Academy of Neurology(TROPICON 2015 ) on 11th   April 2015 at India Habitat centre New Delhi

85.  Memorial lecture of  Sri MBR Memorial Society, Tirupati on the occasion of Sri Balarama Reddy's Sixth Vardhanthi on “Neurology of Happiness” on 19th January 2016 at Bheemas’ Deluxe, Tirupati

86.  “Organisation Epilepsy care services to reach the unreached” at the 1st Andhra Pradesh Science Congress with focal theme of Science for Smart Technologies at Sri Venkateswara University Tirupathi on 27th of January 2016

87.  “Approach to Patient with Coma” at Indian Collage Of Physicians (ICP) CME organized at  71st Annual Conference of Associations Of India (APICON 2016 from 28th -30th Jan) by the on 28th January 2016 at Hyderabad, Telangana State

88.  “Neurocognitive Disorders in Late Adulthood -- with a focus on strategies to promote  Healthy / Quality of Life” at UGC-DRS sponsored National Seminar,on  Healthy Aging  A Life Span Perspective organised by Centre for Research on AGING the Department of Psychology Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati  on 10th to  11th March, 2016 

89.  Presented the   Hospital Grand rounds  On “Neurologic Diagnostic Dilemmas” Three interesting Cases of Miliary Tuberculosis , Disseminated NeuroCysticercosis, and Epidermal nevus syndrome with unilateral limb shortening, spinal AVM with spinal stroke on 12th May 2016 at 1.pm at The Wollonong Hospital University Of Wollongong Graduate Medical School, ILLawara Shoalhaven Local Health District New South Wales (NSW) Governament Australia

90.  "Delivery of Epilepsy Care Services" Seminar for Medical School Staff of Graduate School of Medicine (GSM) at University of Wollonongong on 25th May 2016 University Of Wollongong Graduate Medical School, ILLawaraShoalhaven Local Health District New South Wales (NSW) Governament Australia

91.  " Bioterrorism" at Academic Staff collage Sri Venkateswara university Tirupathi on 14th July 2016  

92.  "Benign Epilepsy syndromes" at the Pediatric EEG workshop held as part of AP PEDICON 2016  on 4th November  2016 organised by department of Pediatrics at S V Medical collage and SVRR General Hospital   at Tirupati

93.  "Diagnostic Approach to Clinical Epilepsy" at annual CME of Indian Epilepsy Association Ranchi chapter Jharkhand as part of  National Epilepsy day Celebrations on 17th November 2016

94.  "Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Management" at monthly CME meeting of Indian Medical association (IMA) Nandyal on 22nd January 2017

95.  “Initiation and Termination of AEDs :  Current Guidelines” at CME On Epilepsy Management on occasion of International Epilepsy Day Celebrations organized by Department of Neurology JIPMER Puducherry on 11th February 2017

96.  “Women’ Health: Neurological Diseases  and Epilepsy in women - Trail by fire” at DST – NASI  Sensitization Workshop on Technological Empowerment of Women Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam ( Women University) Tirupati in association with Department of Science and technology (DST) India, National Academy of Science India (NASI) Allahabad on 15th of February 2017

97.  “CORPUS CALLOSUM - CLINICAL EVALUATION” organized by  Institute of Neurology at 7th Annual International Conference of Clinical Neurology on 26th February 2017 and SHINE 2017 at Chennai

98.  Key Note Address at Inauguration of the National Lecture-Cum- Workshop on “Application of Chemoinformatics – Big Data in Drug Discovery” organised by DBT- Supported BIF Centre ,Department of Zoology ,Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati on 24th march 2017

99.  "Acute headache – Who needs investigations, which ones, when" in the Regional CME in association with Andhra Pradesh Medical Council (APMC) and Indian Medical association Tirupati Branch at Tirupathi on 15th May 2017

100.                      "Stroke Mimics"  in STROKE- UPDATE  organised by Department of General Medicine   Meenakshi Medical College Hospital & Research institute - Kanchipuram on 13th September 2017

101.    “Neurological Disorders in Young population” in the  International Seminar ON “CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY: ROLE OF PSYCHOLOGISTS 25th -26th  September, 2017 organised by Department of Psychology at S.V.University Tirupathi

102.    "Approach to Stroke " at the department of Medicine Santhiram Medical Collage Nandyal on the  occassion of World stroke Day on 29th  October 2017

103.“Epilepsy and women” at WINNERS 2018 (Women In Neurology – New Emerging Research Symposium) on 8th  March at 2018 Udaipur,  Rajasthan

104.Epilepsy Care tailored to Women"  at Zonal CME  organised by Andhra pradesh Medical Council in association with  Indian Medical association Nandyal Branch on 8th April 2018 at Santhiram Medical Collage and General hospital  Nandyal

105.Withdrawal Of antiepileptic Drugs” at 25th   Annual Conference of AP. Neuro Scientists’ Association AP NEUROCON – 2018 and Pre conference workshop on Epilepsy management  held at Kakinada 8th& 10th June  2018 at Rangaraya medical collage 

106.“Diagnostic approach to epilepsy & treatment of drug resistant epilepsy” at  46th Annual Conference of Andhra Pradesh Chapter of Association of Physicians of India 2018(AP-APICON 2018)  organised by PESIMSR Kuppam on 7-9th September 2018

107.    “ Role of Women in Science” at  4th Annual conference Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences Amaravati (APSC 2018) at Yogi Vemana University Kadapa on 9th November 2018
108.“ Approach to Sleep Disorders” at  10th Annual meeting of  “Neurology Update Patna 2018” the joint annual conference of  Indian Epilepsy Association (Bihar Chapter) and Neurology Dept, Indira Gandhi Institute of  Medical Sciences, Patna is on 18th November 2018

109.    “Role of Antiplatelet drugs in management of Stroke” at Continuing Medical Education Programme organised by Department of Biochemistry SVIMS Tirupati on the theme “Platelets: Bench to Bedside”  on 27th November 2018

110.    “Mental Disability and Rehabilitaion” at Two day National seminar on “Disability and Rehabilitaion: Challenges and Strategies” on 27th & 28th December 2018 organized by Department of Psychology Yogi Vemana University Kadapa 

111.“Localization of Spinal cord Leison” at SYNAPS 2019 ,Skill Based Yearly neuroclinics @Post Graduate Students Under the agesis of APNSA 2nd and 3rd February 2019 Organised by Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences Tirupathi 

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